One of our absolute favourite pieces here at Riley & Riley, are the handmade “Aldeburgh Pebbles” which are all made on the premises by Mark. Inspired by children painting pebbles on the beach, he decided to turn this into something wearable and something beautiful. The outcome is something unusual and unique. You can either choose one of our pebbles, straight from the Aldeburgh beach, or you can bring your own. Due to the production method, the pebbles are solid sterling silver. People often think the pebble is just coated in silver, but read below to find out how they are made. Don’t forget that this weekend Mark will be at the Annual Spring Craft fair in Aldeburgh at the Jubille Hall. The event runs from Saturday to Monday 10am – 5pm daily. Entry is free, and it’s all set to be a beautiful day in Aldeburgh.

Mark begins the process by selecting pebbles from the beach at Aldeburgh, using that pebble he is able to make a mould.


Silver (or gold, if you prefer!) is then melted down and poured into the mould.



The pebble is then smoothed down, and some silver is cut into a strip to make a bale, allowing a chain to be attached.

Now that the piece resembles a pebble pendant, all that is left is to buff and polish the silver pebble, before selecting a chain.


It is not just pendants that can be made, Mark has also made cufflinks, rings, bangles, key rings and decorative pieces, such as paperweights. Mostly the pebbles are cast in silver, but can also be made in rose or yellow gold.

Each piece truly is a one off as you get the real pebble alongside your piece of jewellery, meaning that another mould cannot be made without your pebble.