Matthew Calvin Tiny Tube Studs


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Made of one perfect circle, the Tiny Tube Studs were designed for their complementarity and adaptability as much as for their delicacy.

Set against the ear, the metals complement hair and skin tone to achieve the desired look, whether you choose gold, rose gold, and silver.

The quality and richness of the simple design speaks to the time and effort taken to revisit and perfect the pieces in the Tube collection.

Each pair of earrings from the range come with their own test tube packing, for a unique and new concept. The perfect looking gift for all occasions!

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Size: 3mm
Findings: Post & Scroll

The size of the stud makes it a piece delicate enough to wear in the nose or ear – in fact, all Tube studs are ideal for multiple piercings, and can be mixed, matched and layered to create different effects.

Today, the resulting pieces of the tube range are the outcome of time spent revisiting and reinventing the original designs. Redeveloped and reconceived over months, this collection and its pieces are a labour of love.

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