Silver & Amber Unique Pendant


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Unique in name and nature. Each piece of Amber holds its own natural inclusions, making no one piece the same.

This necklace is bold and boasts a beautiful, rich colour full of warm golden hues. It is topped with a textured Silver loop, that is a nod to the intricate detailing of the wondrous ancient pine trees.

The perfect addition to your jewellery box, or the ideal gift idea if you are looking for something unusual.

Read more in the description to have a small dose of where Amber originates from.

Out of stock

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Metal Type: Sterling Silver
Stone Type: Amber
Chain Style: Belcher
Chain Length: 20″
Height (approx): 63mm
Width (approx): 29mm

What is Amber?
‘The beautiful golden stone used in jewellery’

Amber is, in actual fact, the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees which are now largely extinct. As the resin oozed out of the trees, it captured everything in its path such as flies, spiders and other insects. More than 1000 extinct species have been identified in pieces of amber. The hardening process to form a solid piece takes many millions of years.

Where has it been found?

Throughout history, Amber has been found in deposits all over the world. Today, the finest Amber comes from the Baltic sea, which when fresh varies in colour from lemon, to orange, to dark brown. The price depends entirely on the colour and and the rarity of the inclusions.